What is the difference between v6 and v8 engine?

The better type of engine depends on the type of.driver you are, and how you plan to drive the car. A v-6 engine contains 6 cylinders for fuel intake,while.a.v-8, you guessed it, contains 8. A smaller engine is generally an more economical choice, in that since it has fewer cylinders it will use less fuel to keep the car running. 

On the flip side a v-8 engine is more for power and performance, and will use a greater amount of fuel, but provide superior performance. 

Most younger drivers prefer the v-8 because of its power and.performance. You will be able to drive, and accelerate much faster with a V-8 than a V-6, and what else can be said than, it is a.mustang! Mustangs are engineered for high performance, and common for racing. Unless you are only driving it for style, you probably want the v-8 engine. Of course, be careful since it is your first vehicle, be careful, 

Because too much power can be dangerous for an inexperienced driver. Just because you car can handle 0-60 in 5 seconds, or a top speed if 150mph, doesn't mean that you, as a driver can handle it. Have fun, but don't be stupid! 
But again, keep in mind, the fuel economy will hurt you. I don't know how much gas is in your location, but here it is $5-$5.50 per gallon. If you a re a younger driver, the performance may be the fun part of driving a mustang, but its not much fun if it has to.remain in your driveway because you can't afford the gas to keep it running.....so if you cannot afford the higher cost of fuel, go with the v-6.

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