Does anyone find changing their flat car tyre difficult, or feel nervous about it?

I m a design student and after a friend related their difficulty and apprehension in changing their car tyre. I decide to do some research to find out whether this is a common problem.

Asked: February 23, 2016 by administrator
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2 Answers

I'm a capable man and I have had to do it in the past but it isn't much fun. Even if you know what you are doing the basic un-fun things are; You usually get dirty; Undoing the wheel nuts can be physically exhausting or even impossible; There is stress over whether the spare will be properly inflated when you lower the car back down - this one is ok at your home but by the side of the road it is a real pain to discover the spare is flat too. Plus, other traffic is very unnerving. And in general, it is something most people don't do very often, if at all, so it is natural to be nervous because you don't want your car falling off the jack or whatever. 

Answered: February 23, 2016 by administrator