The Koenigsegg Regera Hybrid At Geneva Auto Show

16 March 2016 administrator

Despite this difference, though, the Regera's stats aren't quite as monstrous – 62 miles per hour takes 2.8 seconds to the Chiron's 2.5-second spring. But the low weight and excess power allows the Swede to catch up and pass Bugatti's finest on the high end. The Koenigsegg hits 124 mph in 6.6 seconds compared to the Bug's 6.5-second time. But the Regera monsters the Chiron to 186 mph. The Bugatti takes 13.5 seconds to hit that loony speed, while the Koenigsegg does the deed in a frightening 10.9 seconds. Think about that – the Regera is 2.6 seconds faster to 186. That's scary speed and it gets scarier. Koenigsegg has built a car that will go from zero to 248 mph in 20 seconds.

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